Learning is a life-long process, and whether you're just starting out as a welder, or are time-served and looking to stay ahead, you'll benefit from the latest training aids from Weldability Sif.

Listed below are some of our best-selling welder-training tools and solutions.

Welding & Fabrication elearning DVD

Improve or refresh your welding and
fabrication knowledge with the Weldability
Sif eLearning DVD

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Welding and Fabrication Work Book

Provide an easy and useful point of reference
with the Weldability Sif Welding Workbook

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Virtuweld Welding Simulator

Train and refine hands-on welding skills in the
realistic Weldability Sif VirtUweld simulator

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The Weldability Sif Foundation has a network of Welding Studios in colleges and training centres across the UK, offering EAL courses from foundation Level 1, upwards. To learn more about these Studios, visit the Weldability Sif Foundation website,