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UKWeldingJobs is committed to protecting the privacy of our users, and strives to provide a safe, secure user experience. This Privacy Policy sets out the online data collection and usage policies and practices that apply to this web site.

  • You authorise UKWeldingJobs to use and store your personal information for the purpose of maintaining your profile within our database of welders seeking vacancies and/or contracts, searchable by potential employers seeking to recruit suitable candidates. By registering or by using this site, you explicitly accept, without limitation or qualification, the collection, use and transfer of the personal information provided by you in the manner described in this Policy.
  • You further authorise UKWeldingJobs to pass such personal information to potential employers who have selected you from the results of any search which matches your profile. If you apply for a position through UKWeldingJobs or a co-branded site, you may be asked to provide information on your age, gender and/or race, where permitted by law. You should understand that, if provided, this information should only be used by employers in accordance with applicable law, however, UKweldingJobs is not responsible for the actions of such employers.
  • Whilst reasonable effort is made to ensure that potential employers are bona fide and legitimate, you acknowledge and agree that UKWeldingJobs cannot be held responsible for the misuse and/or mishandling of any personal data once provided to a registered third-party for the purposes stated above.
  • In accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998, you reserve the right to request inspection, revision and deletion of your profile information. Your email address, contact number and physical address details can be updated via links on your profile page. All other amendments can be arranged by emailing us at
  • You acknowledge and agree that, should UKWeldingJobs receive any payment from potential employers in relation to their searches, or in return for access to candidate information in which your personal details are included, you will not be eligible to receive any commission, fee, remuneration, royalty, salary, stipend or share of this payment, and you unconditionally provide your information in good faith, without expectation of financial compensation of any kind.
  • Should fees become payable at any time in the future, you may be prompted to register your payment card, to remit these fees should you wish to accept them. You acknowledge and agree that some of your data will be passed to PayPal for them to complete transactions. You agree that e-mail can be used as a long-distance means of communication in relation to your orders and matters concerning your profile.
  • You undertake that all details you provide to UKWeldingJobs for the purpose of registration and/or the purchasing of goods or services are correct, that any credit or debit card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds available to you to cover the cost of the goods or services ordered.
  • In the event of price increases or reductions, the price charged will be that ruling at the date of order, as displayed on our website. If an error is discovered in the price of the goods that you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible. We shall be under no obligation to fulfil an order for a product which was advertised at an incorrect price, if the item(s) have been charged and not delivered we will cancel and refund your order.
  • VAT will be charged at the rate ruling at the time of supply. Payment shall be due in full before the provision of services which attract a fee/charge and proforma payment is a fundamental term of this agreement, breach of which shall entitle UKweldingJobs to terminate the contract immediately.
  • Title for any goods supplied remains vested in UKweldingJobs unless and until full payment in cleared funds has been made. Until such payment is received UKweldingJobs remains fiduciary owners notwithstanding delivery of goods pursuant to orders received and accepted.
  • Product descriptions and images are given in good faith but may change without notice and do not form part of any sales contract. Errors and Omissions Excluded. All 3rd-party trademarks are acknowledged throughout.
  • This site may contain links to other web sites over which UKweldingJobs has no control. UKWeldingJobs is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of other web sites to which you choose to link from this site. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of those other web sites so you can understand how they collect, use and share your information.
  • In addition to the data you provide, you acknowledge that UKWeldingJobs may collect indirect information about you when you use certain third party services on our site. For example this may include assumptions of gender or other demographic data, based on the information you provide.
  • UKWeldingJobs may personalise the advertising that you are shown on our site, or other sites with which we have a business relationship. In order to provide this personalisation, you acknowledge and agree that, in addition to information we collect about you on our sites, we acquire information (including personal, demographic, behavioral and indirect information) about you from third parties who provide it to us.
  • UKWeldingJobs may share your information with third parties who help us in the delivery of our own products and services to you. We disclose information to companies and individuals we employ to perform functions on our behalf. Examples include hosting our web servers, analysing data, providing marketing assistance, processing credit card payments, and providing customer service.

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